A Better Mass Ave library

Visualize a better Mass Ave! That's Capitol Square.
In addition to your wonderful of support, there has been an outpouring of information about Mass Ave and the anti-Mass-Ave referendum, Question 1.
  • The East Arlington Livable Streets Coalition has developed photographic mock-ups of a redesigned Mass Ave versus the view today and versus a 4-lane design. View them .
  • State Senator Ken Donnelly has been outspoken in his warning that reopening the design of Mass Ave at this point would cost Arlington $6.8 million in state and federal highway grants. 
  • He details how such a scenario could unfold if Question 1 passes .
  • Arlington Selectman Dan Dunn connects the dots from Donnelly's warning to Arlington's budget.
  • Dunn, a former Finance Committee members, likens losing the highway aid to missing an entire year of override revenue, .
  • Phil Goff makes the positive case for the design in .
  • Arlington's Transportation Advisory Committee does a great job of enumerating the positive changes the plan would bring to the street and tackles some of the controversies head on. TAC did not design the project but supports the plan .
  • Nawwaf Kaba has put the facts about Mass Ave on YouTube and his videos are posted .

Other resources include the Town's , the , and Adam Auster's blog, the , particularly this of the Mass Ave plan.

Please help us to spread the word that "yes" on Q1 is really a vote against safety and funding. for a better Mass Ave!